Tiger Technology

Data management software provider that delivers on-premises-first hybrid solutions for all major cloud providers.


Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Alpharetta, GA, USA, Tiger Technology develops on-premises-first hybrid solutions for storage & data management. Designed to help organizations optimize their mission-critical on-premises workflows without disruption, Tiger Technology’s products prioritize security, compliance and business continuity.  


The company brings over 15 years of expertise in scalable data management solutions for enterprise purposes - from cross-platform NAS/SAN shared file systems to storage, user, project, and media management. Their flagship product, Tiger Bridge, supports all cloud tiers and is admin-friendly, non-disruptive, transparent, and highly cost-effective. Pioneering the on-premises-first hybrid cloud approach, Tiger Technology helps organizations to adopt hybrid cloud without re-architecting existing on-premises workflows, treating the cloud as an enhancer that can be removed without disruption, rather than a primary enabler of digital transformation.