Professional LED Lighting That's Built to Last


Nila creates light fixtures that solve the problems faced by broadcasters, entertainment professionals, stadium & arena designers, and researchers in a world where a business'​ carbon footprint has become a very real measuring stick for success. Our focus is on durable, environmentally sustainable, high-brightness, energy-saving light fixtures that produce beautiful light without compromise.


Sustainability has been a buzzword for some companies, but for Nila, it’s a way of life. Our products are environmentally sustainable by design, containing no lead, mercury, or toxic heavy metals. They don’t emit any harmful UV or IR radiation and their components are all RoHS-compliant. Our goal is for everything we produce to be 100% recyclable and/or reusable. With our Trade-In Program, we'll even buy back your used gear when you're ready to upgrade and we'll handle the recycling for you.


Some think that making a product sustainable reduces its efficacy. The truth is that we manufacture the brightest LED fixtures currently on the market. So bright, in fact, that they rival the output of their energy-hungry filament and HMI counterparts. But brightness alone is easy. Our fixtures create light that is both bright and beautiful, with better color rendering across the entire spectrum. Our lights have been chosen by discerning professionals, including the US House of Representatives, StubHub Center, the NBA, CNN, Al Jazeera, Roberto Schaefer, ASC, and Larry Fong, ASC.


In terms of energy savings, no one beats Nila. Most of our customers see a total return on their investment in less than two years. These savings stem from the dramatic reduction in cooling costs, maintenance savings, and as much as a 75% reduction in energy expenditures.


You can have beautiful light and energy savings too. Simply choose Nila.