Would you be able to do 2 lines for this description like how it is shown in the image below? If not, just “Scalable Active Archives” will do!


“We are a global provider of cutting-edge data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other applications with high volumes of large files. We provide active archive systems based on LTO data tape and hybrid cloud.


Our LTO archives scale to 100+ Petabytes and provide cost effective, secure, long-term retention of file-based assets. When configured as private cloud storage, our LTO solutions provide an attractive alternative to public cloud storage services, such as AWS Glacier and the Archive Tier of Azure object storage.


In addition, we offer cloud-based synchronization services that provide file sharing across multiple locations and create a global file system. This boosts the productivity of distribute teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize files across all locations.


Our offices are in Walnut Creek, California, USA and in Cambridge, UK. We provide post-sales customer support from each location.”