If it’s live, there is a good chance it is mixed on a Calrec


For 60 years and counting, the world's most successful broadcasters have relied on Calrec, who continue to provide help as the industry adapts to changing viewing habits and commercial environments.


This support comes in many forms, including achieving efficiency with remote broadcasting, saving money with virtualised production, and assistance with proprietary systems like Hydra2, and IP connectivity with ImPulse and ImPulse1.


Calrec has all your networking options covered from proprietary, full IP or hybrid, so you can move to IP at your own pace. Calrec has expanded its range of consoles and IP connectivity so all productions from the smallest to the largest scaled networks can be supported with Calrec products.


These include Calrec’s flexible native IP Argo Q and Argo S configurable control surfaces, Type R which can adapt to a variety of requirements including virtualised workflows, the compact plug-and-play Brio, the powerful Apollo and intuitive Artemis.


For flexible working, integrated networks and reliable audio, Calrec has it covered.