Software-based IP broadcast and OTT Monitoring, Analysis and Compliance. All in one place.


Mediaproxy enables broadcasters and operators to unify compliance, analysis, and monitoring of linear television, IP and OTT video sources all in one place. With origins in broadcast logging, Mediaproxy has become the most trusted compliance, analysis, and monitoring platform for hundreds of customers around the world. Constantly driving developments in this field for almost two decades has resulted in consistently leading the way with new innovations.


Quality Software Engineering:


Developing robust and innovative technologies is at the core of what we do. Employing modern development practices and emphasizing quality engineering enables us to deliver highly versatile solutions that help customers provide better services and more effective incident management.


Reducing cost without compromises:


Our monitoring and analysis solutions are designed to provide seamless integration with virtually any broadcast environment and standard. Through simplified application software licensing, customers can greatly reduce investments by choosing only the components they require. These can operate independently, providing a highly resilient solution that broadcasters can rely on.


Future proof and ready:


The core platform can easily be virtualised without compromise and provides seamless integration with cloud providers. Flexible software interfaces allow us to integrate with existing broadcast workflows and to quickly customize our solutions when your requirements change. We are proud to be part of the AIMS alliance in helping to drive the next generation of IP broadcast solutions.


Key platform functions include:


- Software-based technology

- Cloud-ready, fully virtualizable

- Software-based IP multi-viewer


- IP, SDI, NDI, SRT, Zixi

- SMPTE2110 & 2022-6

- OTT Streams

- Closed Caption and Subtitles

- SCTE-104/35 detection

- ETR290

- Multi-channel analysis

- Content re-purposing

- Audio Watermarking

- Video Fingerprinting

- Extensive search, export and transcode