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Your technology partner for media Solutions

GTC is a technology company for the audiovisual industry with a particular focus on engineering and systems integration services for the Radio, Television and Multimedia markets.

Extensive Services Portfolio

GTC is an engineering services company capable of providing all services for supplying, installing, training and maintaining state-of-the-art broadcasting and multimedia infrastructures.

Qualified Personnel

It has technical personnel with specific training that guarantees excellence in all requested services, with staff and logistical resources that provide the best infrastructure to support all phases of any project.


The new GTC's headquarters is located near Lisbon, in Carnaxide, in a more spacious and comfortable surrounding to accommodate our growing list of projects and enable multiple customer experiences simultaneously.

The best option from a range of possibilities

Whether you host everything in-house in an on-premise environment, a hybrid cloud environment, or even if you're considering a third-party private or public provider, we're the right partner to challenge

  • Consulting
  • Technology advisory
    Workflow definition
    Solution architecture
    Operations audit
  • Implementation
  • Project management
    Hardware & Infrastructure Installation
    Software Integration & data migration
    Training & support
  • Technology as a Service
  • On-site Technology on-demand
    Cloud Infrastructure solutions
    Remote operations technology
    Broadcast & media managed services
Technology as a Service

Design and implement solutions across a wide range of media applications

Regardless of your market segment, GTC's engineering and integration teams provide expert consulting, design and implementation services for your multimedia technology needs. Each solution is tailored to meet the specific objectives of a particular segment of the operation or the customer's entire infrastructure.

Radio & TV Broadcast

Radio & TV Broadcast

Working in today's challenging Radio & TV Broadcast operations means moving towards technologies that deliver the speed, agility and flexibility required. Whether we talk about remote production, remote collaboration, or remote operation, the accelerated adoption of distributed workflows for greater operational agility drives broadcast professionals to adopt IP technology.

At GTC, we can help you excel in this goal with the technology, tools and knowledge to make choices that lead to extraordinary results.

Solutions for Radio & TV Broadcast

Content Owners & Producers

Entertainment, Cinema or other storytelling content production companies transitioning to the latest and disruptive technologies always need a partner that can make a difference for these new emerging workflows. Innovative technologies are indispensable if you want to be at the frontline.

GTC has the technology resources and the clever strategy to introduce you and bring you the competitive advantages you need.

Solutions for Content Owners & Producers
Content Owners & Producers



If you're a teacher, you've probably heard about how technology influences the modern classroom and how it can support you. However, to succeed, the path is not an easy one.
The technology frameworks identified by GTC as the solution meet the new paradigm to mobilise teachers' talent as agents of change and create pupils' interest and motivation.

Solutions for Education

Sports & Venues

Front-office digital, marketing, and communications teams rely more than ever on media technology to engage sports fans, wherever they are. At GTC, we can help you with the right technology to cover your complete workflow, from creating memorable experiences for your fans in the ballpark to revamping your visual storytelling strategy. For many sports teams, video and analytics solutions are crucial to unlocking the best options for coaching tactics and helping the sports science department to excel.

At GTC, we are ready to assist you in getting the best outcomes.

Solutions for Sports & Venues
Sports & Venues

Brands & Corporations

Brands & Corporations

Technology applied to audiovisual and media communication seems to be inseparable from the new paradigms of society. Without the right media tools, workflows become increasingly outdated and complex to answer current challenges.
Whether you are willing to increase the quality of your visual presentations,  meeting engagement experience or create more inclusive video conference and collaboration spaces.
At GTC, we are ready to show you the best options for audiovisual communications.

Solutions for Brands & Corporations

Government & Institutions

There is no denying that we are moving toward a society increasingly driven by technological innovation.
The current pace entails new media technologies, and public institutions are no different. With its vast portfolio of solutions and services within this segment, GTC is the right partner for the remodelling and modernising technological resources for communication.
GTC has always adopted innovative and disruptive processes in its infrastructure installation projects that bring competitive advantages and ensure greater security and flexibility for operations.

Solutions for Government & Institutions
Government & Institutions

Mission-critical operations

Mission-critical operations

Real-time audio-video networks innovating technologies are indispensable to achieving first responders' best performance and robustness of day-life actions. At GTC, we can deliver the state of the art technology for mission-critical operations.

Solutions for mission-critical operations

No matter what your starting point, be inspired by a forward-looking approach.

The long-term relationship with the best technology companies in the sector has allowed GTC over the years to develop synergies that ensure a unique value offering beyond the products that these companies alone offer.

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