Lynx Technik AG

SDI to 48G Audio & Video processing & conversion with outstanding performance & reliability. Designed & Manufactured in Germany. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001


Welcome to LYNX Technik AG

Lynx solutions address almost any 48G-8K/12G-4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio and data conversion, syncronisation and fibre optic interfacing needs including the industry leading Dynamic HDR<> SDR conversion.

All Lynx Technik products are designed and manufactured, without compromise, in Germany to the highest possible standards within our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited environment. We take pride in offering innovative designs using the very latest technology with outstanding performance and reliability. As standard all products are covered by a 3 year warranty, and our telephone and ticketed email support system ensures full technical backup and assistance for the production life of the product, and 7 years beyond !


Products include:


yellobriks® - Briks taken to a new integrated level.

Stand alone or integrated modules with primary and redundant powering and rackframe mounting options. Video, audio, sync and data processing, conversion and fibre transport modules can be remotely configured and monitored with the Rack Controller and Server modules via yelloGUI software (included in LynxCentraal). Yellobriks can be fully integrated into a Lynx equipment based system, or via our API / SNMPv2 with third party control systems.


Testor™ and WFM

Handheld 3G test pattern generator and WFM Wave Form Monitor. Re-chargable with the included universal AC charger, with belt pouch and hard transport case options.


greenMachine® - callisto+ (2x 3G) and titan (4x 3G or 1x 12G) Universal processing platforms offering between 2 and 8 channels of 3G or 2 channels of 12G/4K processing in 1U when mounted in the greenMachine rackframe. Licenced options include FS and UPXD with full video audio and data processing, broadcast and AV static and dynamic Test Pattern Generator and Syncronisation measurement; and the multi award winning static or dynamic Evie+ HDR<>HDR<>SDR conversion. The intuitive graphical greenGUI (included in LynxCentraal) provides full set up and monitoring tools and the inbuilt server enables access to Lynx AutoControl and CustomControl, as well as full API/SNMPv2 integration with third party automation.


series 5000™ Rackframe and Card equipment is at home in any size system from a single frame to multiple frames across widespread locations. Ethernet connection enables multiple workstations running LynxCentraal™ control application to access, configure and monitor the whole system. With the optional server module, the power of Lynx AutoControl and CustomControl are unlocked as is full integration with third party automation.