Moments Lab

Media Hub for Live & Archived Content powered by Multimodal AI Indexing

Moments Lab’s mission is to help content producers build videos faster. The platform makes audiovisual content searchable to reduce the time spent sourcing the key moments required to tell a story. MXT Multimodal AI is here to address video indexing challenges, describing sequences in natural language, enabling content professionals to focus on creativity and higher-value decisions.


Today, our platform is used worldwide by TV networks, sports rights holders, production companies, journalists, producers, and archivists to scale content creation workflows and generate new revenue streams. Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, researching story angles, content retrieval, or content showcasing and licensing.



Moments Lab Benefits


- AI-Powered Media Hub to ingest, store and manage your archives, rushes and live streams.

- Moments Lab’s Multimodal AI processes audiovisual content like Big Data, in near real time.

- Production Workflows reimagined…work collaboratively with live content, files or rushes directly in the cloud.

- The one-stop shop to provide a unique clip & collect experience for external buyers, sponsors or partners.

- Moments Lab’s Multimodal AI cross-analyses multiple data sources to detect what’s inside your rushes.


Moments Lab Product Highlights


- Ingest, Store and Manage Archives, Rushes, Live streams

- Auto-index your media assets via Multimodal Indexing AI & Speech-To-Text.

- Centralize, work on and share your content via a shared cloud workspace.

- Give users the ability to find media sequences they need for their story, in seconds.

- Detect & Cross Analyse Faces, Logos, Contexts, Objects, Landmarks, Scenes & Speech-To-Text

- Clip video highlights via our Advanced Clipping Tools and Speech-To-Cut™ functionality.

- Compatible with formats: RTMP, SRT, TS, Aviwest Safestream, LiveU, TVU, Zoom, and more.

- Invite content buyers to Clip & Collect your assets and generate revenue

- Valorize media assets by leveraging online collections to browse, search and view them.

- Give users the ability to find media sequences they need for their story, in seconds.

- Generate new revenue streams for your organization without going through an intermediate.