Tiger Technology Dives into the Video Surveillance Market

Tiger Surveillance’s software-only products guarantee seamless extension to the cloud and air-tight data protection for the most demanding VMS workflows




Alpharetta, GA, USA — March 31, 2023 — Tiger Technology, a leading provider of storage and data management solutions, has announced the launch of Tiger Surveillance, a new company solely focused on the needs of customers and partners in the video surveillance market. Tiger Surveillance will continue its success in advanced data management and data protection, the fastest possible disaster recovery and failover, plus seamless storage extension to any cloud provider.


“Choosing to design specialized solutions for video surveillance was easy. It is an industry that values everything that we stand for – speed, resilience, business continuity, simplicity, cost efficiency. Today we are launching Tiger Surveillance. With over 100,000 cameras already relying on our technology for tens of petabytes of data stored and moved between on premises and the cloud, we know this is just the beginning.” – Tiger Technology founder and CEO Alexander Lefterov announced.


The new company will continue to deliver software-only solutions enabling virtually any video management system (VMS) to leverage the cloud for Disaster Recovery and infinite storage extension. Tiger Surveillance also offers a zero-loss failover solution designed for mission-critical environments that cannot afford disruption of service.


Leading the charge for Tiger Surveillance is CEO Lance Kelson, a seasoned executive with over 30 years of expertise in technology and business. Kelson brings a strong vision for current and future products and is thrilled to be at the helm of this innovative new company.


“We’re excited to bring Tiger Surveillance to the market and offer customers the highest level of flexibility and scalability,” said Kelson. “Our software-only solutions are designed to help customers future-proof their surveillance infrastructure and provide a level of security and peace of mind unmatched in the industry.”


Tiger Surveillance’s software-only solutions enable users to easily and affordably scale storage for video data without having to purchase additional hardware. The company’s solutions offer the ability to leverage any cloud storage for disaster recovery, ensuring that critical video data is always protected in the event of an outage or other disruption. Of note, data required to be safeguarded for many months or even years is seamlessly managed in low-cost cloud archive tiers. The zero-loss failover solution ensures any mission-critical environment including airports, medical facilities, gaming, and law enforcement continue to operate seamlessly in the event of a hardware failure or other disruption. The solution is uniquely designed to provide instantaneous failover with no loss of data or functionality.


Tiger Surveillance is committed to providing a seamless transition for its existing customers and will continue to expand its reseller and integration channel.