Tiger Bridge 5.0.3 Introduces Exciting New Features, Resolves Known Issues

The latest Tiger Bridge update brings improvements in product experience and issue resolution.




09 June 2023


Tiger Technology has recently released version 5.0.3 of its cloud-enabling data management software Tiger Bridge. From precise file deletion and optimized replication to improved resource management, Tiger Bridge 5.0.3 offers customers with mission-critical data enhanced control, stability, and efficiency in file management.


One of the notable features of this release is the capability to delete files based on time criteria. Using the command-line interface, users now have the flexibility to delete files from the source, target, or both, based on specific time parameters such as creation, modification, or last access time.


With Tiger Bridge 5.0.3 users also benefit from a more intelligent replication of files copied from external sources to optimize data synchronization and to minimize unnecessary replication. Moreover, visual cues accurately indicate the status of folders containing empty or nearline files, facilitating more efficient storage management.


In addition to these new features, Tiger Bridge 5.0.3 addresses several known issues to ensure real-time data consistency, storage utilization, and lack of disruptions. They include:


- Instant replication of files with future modification timestamp

- Enhanced stability in Tiger Bridge Explorer

- No more excessive consumption of GDI resources