With our new 5MHz solution, you can instantly double the RF bandwidth available for your wireless broadcast devices

As a broadcaster using wireless cameras for increasingly immersive productions that require more and more wireless links, you may be feeling the increasing pressure on the RF bandwidth you have available. Domo Broadcast Systems is here to help with the of release of 5MHz bandwidth modulation.

“5MHz bandwidth is not new,” says Simon Martin, Sales Account Manager for Domo Broadcast Systems. “However, when paired with Domo Broadcast System’s superior-quality HEVC encoding you can achieve a broadcast-quality 1080p60 HD wireless camera link within half the normal RF bandwidth.

“Frequencies are usually licenced in 10MHz slots, which means by using the Domo Broadcast System solution, you can have two 5MHz transmissions  — specifically 4.8MHz — in a single licenced slot. You immediately double the bandwidth you have available to use for all your wireless devices, so  you can make more-effective use of this increasingly precious commodity.”

Domo Broadcast Systems’ 5MHz solution is available in both DVB‒T (Digital Video Broadcasting‒Terrestrial) and our proprietary Ultra Mobile Video Link (UMVL) modulations.

“UMVL is designed to enhance performance when you are using  higher-frequency bands, or in high-speed transmission applications, such as motorsport,” states Simon.

“Our RF performance is such that higher orders of modulation can be used reliably. Operating in 16QAM FEC2/3 GI1/8, we achieve 8.4Mbps. The video quality our of HEVC encoding is such that it matches or exceeds the quality of H.264 codecs operating in standard DVB-T 8MHz bandwidths.

“It’s currently successfully in use at a major international sports event.”