Unleashing Creativity with Reality: How CG Production is Redefined in Tokyo


D.A.G Inc. / DIVA: Digital Art Studio Roppongi is a cutting-edge CG production company nestled in the heart of Tokyo. The company has been in the Japanese CG production industry for about 20 years and specializes in creating characters and background animations for the gaming industry and CG/VFX for film productions. The company’s vision for creating their own content led to the idea and decision to build their own studio in 2021.


Discovering the Power of Reality
The studio features two separate spaces, one for motion capture and the other for virtual production wih a green screen studio. While searching for the right technology, the team discovered Reality Engine, the cutting-edge real-time compositing platform. DAG team was impressed by its customization, integration with camera tracking, and keying capabilities. They ultimately chose Reality ecosystem because it possessed all the tools that would allow them to create special worlds. Zero Density’s regional partner Reinphase has carried out the installation and training for the studio.


“The greatest appeal of Reality Engine is being able to check the completed image in real-time. And it’s possible to shoot videos for different production materials, even with a relatively simple setup.” said Horita Hiroki, Section Manager at DAG. “The colors of the floor and wall in our studio are slightly different, but this is not a problem for Reality Keyer. The color variation can be compensated very easily. Complex configurations were never necessary.”


DIVA Studios follows a streamlined process when working with clients. They first consult with the client and create a design sketch, which the client then approves. Meanwhile, the client chooses a virtual set from Unreal Engine Marketplace, which DIVA customizes using Reality and performs a test shoot. This entire process, from initial consultation to shooting, typically takes only a week, significantly reducing the time required compared to using alternative game engines, which they used previously.


Nihommatsu Katsumi, Chief Operating Officer at DAG, said, “What struck me at the first demo was that the studio setup was very basic. Just a green sheet in a section of the office. Also, the lighting equipment was minimal, but the green was completely rendered, even in detailed sections such as the hair. The setup didn’t seem complex at all, but the green was completely rendered. This means that the potential would be even greater with a high-tech studio.”


DIVA Studios has primarily been shooting music videos and dream-like sequences for TV programs. Artists would sing or dance in the green background space, and the team would create and add background graphics or customize resources already available on Unreal Engine Marketplace. The team has also shot sequences by combining a virtual background with props from an actual background image.


Real-Time Visual Magic

Nihommatsu Katsumi, Chief Operating Officer at DAG, said, “People may have experience with CG compositing in postproduction, or some may have seen it in film-making, but most people have never seen real-time compositing with such detailed and high-quality keying, so they’re always impressed.”


DIVA Studios’ goal is to promote the CG works of DAG and works produced at DIVA and introduce even more high-quality video productions. The team’s experience with Reality Engine has allowed them to realize their vision and take their production capabilities to new heights.


DIVA Studios is a prime example of how technology is revolutionizing the world of virtual production in music videos, episodics and more. With the help of Reality Engine, studio size becomes irrelevant and stunning results can be achieved. The team’s vision and dedication to creating high-quality productions have paid off, and they are now in a position to take on even more ambitious projects. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to think about what kind of innovative productions DIVA Studios will come up with next.