Tomorrow’s News: breaking down the road to success in a digital era

News has shifted into an entirely new era. Paraded in by the ease of access and the speed at which information is spread locally and globally, this new era of news is defined by the minute-by-minute commentary audiences can receive on almost any device, at any time.

With more channels and formats to tell stories, communicate and engage with audiences than ever, how are news operations keeping up? Through the interrogation of technology architectures and business models, the DPP’s Tomorrow’s News reports detail what future news operations need if they wish to stay successful in this new era.

A first-of-its-kind, community-guided research project in which Dalet was an expert sponsor and contributor, this is a must-read report for stakeholders in news technology.

What’s the News?

Understanding the context in which news organizations operate is essential in figuring out the major trends in news consumption, who is consuming it, where, and what that could mean for the industry.

As seen in the “What’s the News” report, new opportunities, challenges, disruptions and transformations are taking place in the news industry: “It’s an exciting time for news operations. One filled with new opportunities to help audiences navigate our world on a much broader and deeper level. It is also filled with some challenges,” says DPP.

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The News Business

While this is a powerful time for news operations, players in the industry are facing roadblocks. In the still-recent past, the impact of digital outlets, specifically social media, was not even close to that of broadcast TV. Now, there is no singular dominant medium. As mentioned in “The News Business” report, “the competition is now anybody with a smartphone.

News is now not just controlled by media organizations, but by audiences themselves. To adapt, newsrooms need to rethink how news is made and what news is being covered, while journalists must become a jack of all trades to produce stories across different platforms. In the report, Robin Kirchhoffer, CMO of Dalet, says “bringing broadcast and digital news teams together is necessary to create the agility media companies need to adapt to changing markets and distribution platforms.

Download the report here.

Making the News

More than other content types, news is experiencing an exponential amount of disruption in formats and outputs. As the DPP says, “News organisations are going through the same transitions as the wider media industry: the shift of viewers online, the transition from hardware to software, the move of infrastructure to the cloud.

This movement, with the adoption of technology and workflow changes, is crucial in bringing your news organization into this new era of news.

Download the report here.

At Dalet, we’ve been working over the last three decades to pioneer innovation to enable news organizations to thrive in times of change. Today, we provide news organizations a bridge to the cloud with highly collaborativedigital-first news workflows and powerful Storytelling 360.