How to Produce News Content Remotely

One of the biggest challenges in today’s newsrooms is enabling journalists to produce stories from anywhere. Staff in the field need to be able to work as effectively as in the newsroom, so finding the right tools to do it becomes crucial. Dalet Pyramid, our cloud-native news solution, is the outcome of years of work to develop a real collaborative and mobile ecosystem for producers, journalists, and editors to work together, even when they are miles apart. Following the introduction of our solution for Centralized News Planning in March, we will today focus on the Remote Editing offering.

The World We Knew

It is just another day at work, newsrooms are trying to produce stories as fast as possible. News breaks, the producer assigns a story, and the journalist hits the road. Once in the field, the journalist shoots footage, assembles a rough cut, and heads back to the newsroom. After getting content from the on-premises system and working with the video editor, the news professional gets approvals and finally send the story to the rundown. Does it sound familiar?

To produce a story, the journalist had to meet several people and depend on a physical newsroom. At that time, we could travel and meet anyone anywhere. Going back and forth to the newsroom was not a big deal, until our circumstances changed. We had to be spread apart and confined in our own spaces. The ability to produce news was jeopardized, and the newsroom dynamic as we knew it was gone.

A New Wave in (Remote) News Production

There is something we learnt from the pandemic: things will never be the same. Even if most lockdowns were lifted, remote and hybrid work is not going anywhere. Newsrooms must adjust and implement different strategies to produce stories in this new context.

At Dalet, we designed collaborative tools for news professionals to thrive in any environment. We recently introduced The Dalet Pyramid Remote Editing solution, a platform that extends the power of newsroom systems outside their physical location, having no need for the producer or any journalist to be in the newsroom. Our vision is to make news creators — producers, editors, journalists, etc. — feel that all are in the same space, collaborating and crafting news together, even when they are miles apart.

The remote-native solution is a platform to produce and edit news stories. Journalists have access to assignments, the newsroom’s content, and production tools in real- time, allowing the team to have an immersive experience.

The “plug and play” Remote Editing solution is offered in subscription to allow customers to use what they need, when they need it, and scale as they grow.

New Tools for News Production

Pyramid Cut: Web-Based, Fast-Paced Media Editor

Pyramid Cut, our browser-based multimedia editor, was specifically designed for modern news storytelling. The cloud-native solution was built around the journalist’s needs when producing and editing video stories. We conveyed all aspects of news story editing in an intuitive format for professional and non-professional editors.

Pyramid Cut is more than a media editing tool, it is an entire collaborative ecosystem for news creators. Besides offering the expected transitions, graphic generation, and voice over recording, it allows journalists access to media, scripts, and assignments — features shared with Dalet Pyramid’s Centralized Planning solution. This fluid exchange of information between Pyramid Cut and Pyramid planner, substantially improves productivity and quality when creating news stories.

One of the most significant features of Pyramid Cut is the ability to work with growing files, allowing the journalist to start editing without having to wait for the live streaming to be over. The journalist or editor can access the video files from the cloud and edit a preview for a digital team or the rundown.

Pyramid Xtend: Native Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro

Pyramid Xtend gives journalists seamless integration between Dalet Pyramid, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Pyramid Xtend allows Premiere Pro users to access media, scripts, even edit on the cloud using remote rendering through Adobe Media Encoder. This major improvement enables Adobe Premiere users to fully join the newsroom’s operation.

For newsrooms using Dalet Galaxy, video editors not only access media, scripts, and assignments inside Pyramid Cut or Pyramid Xtend; they also have access to the newsroom content inside Dalet Galaxy. These elements are fully integrated to produce rich and collaborative experiences for journalists and editors when creating stories.

Let’s get into more detail about how the media, scripts and assignments are orchestrated in Dalet Pyramid to enable a true collaborative workflow.

Media Bin

The Media Bin is a bucket where all the digital assets concerning a specific news story are gathered. Those assets could be video and audio files, pictures, graphics, PDFs, social posts, wires, external links, etc. The Media Bin also includes rushes, and the final versions for different angles: TV, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The Media Bin encourages a new level of collaboration. Its content can be accessed by broadcast or digital teams working on the same story. Even a broadcast crew in another facility can access the Media Bin. So, what’s the benefit? It allows Digital and broadcast teams — in any location — to use, not only source materials to craft their own stories, but to repurpose each other’s stories. This collaborative method reduces duplication of work, maximizes productivity and improves publication time.

Script Editor

The Script editor is the section where journalists write the story that will be played from the production control room. The journalist can, in real-time, collaboratively write the script with another journalist. The Script Editor connects to the teleprompter, allowing the newscaster to read directly during the broadcast.

Within Pyramid Cut, the editor also has access to the assignment view — right next to the Media Bin and Script editor. The editor sees the assignments and the track of the story.

With these elements, seamlessly designed in Pyramid Cut, we are giving full visibility and enhancing productivity for news creators.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are certain benefits for newsrooms using both media editors. Pyramid Cut can be the go-to for journalists in the field or in the newsrooms, while Pyramid Xtend, for Adobe Premiere Pro editors, can be used for more advanced editing jobs and long-form content.

Both, Pyramid Cut and Adobe Premier Pro — are fully immersed in the Dalet ecosystem, having access to the Media Bin, Script Editor, assignments, and Dalet Galaxy’s content. The editors can also access the Dalet Pyramid planner, Dalet AmberFin, Dalet Media Cortex, and other tools of the Dalet ecosystem.

Let’s Do it Together!

What once was an unviable idea became a vital solution for millions of broadcasters and companies worldwide to thrive in our new reality. Incorporating Dalet’s remote Editing solutions into your newsroom is not a matter of improving processes but about belonging to a new norm.