Chyron’s PRIME 4.6 Helps Content Creators Harness Power of the Cloud, Data, and Interactive Graphics

MELVILLE, N.Y.  Oct. 28, 2022 — Chyron today introduced PRIME 4.6, a new release of the company’s software-based live production platform with enhancements that empower users to realize uncompressed production workflows in the cloud, leverage data in real time to drive productions, and introduce exciting interactive graphic elements to online streams. In addition to unlocking greater flexibility in the cloud and facilitating creation of true CG-quality experiences for online viewers, version 4.6 delivers numerous enhancements that boost ease of operation for both designers and playout operators.

“The upgrades that version 4.6 delivers across the PRIME Platform can have a major and meaningful impact across broadcast production, on the business side and on the creative side,” said Mathieu Yerle, Vice President of Strategy at Chyron. “Major broadcast networks will find it easier than ever to leverage AWS platforms to power their extensive programming on ultra-lite cloud infrastructure. News and sports producers will find it even easier to use data to drive storytelling in graphics. And creatives familiar with CG will find it easier to bring interactivity to their streaming content.”

PRIME 4.6 addresses top priorities for content creators, now and in the future, delivering forward-leaning features and capabilities that support cloud workflows, data-driven storytelling, and greater viewer interactivity. The platform powers virtually every aspect of live production, with different modules providing broadcast-grade production functions through a common interface. Version 4.6 includes updates across PRIME Platform, PRIME CG, and PRIME Edge.

PRIME Platform — More Flexible and Robust Cloud Workflows

Through updates to PRIME Platform, Chyron’s AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) integration now supports alpha signals, allowing for transport of uncompressed key+fill graphics in an AWS cloud workflow, and a new “Upload to Chyron LIVE” feature now supports the upload of graphics directly to Chyron LIVE cloud instances. Together these additions to PRIME 4.6 allow users to move more of their live production workflow to the cloud and, in turn, reduce the time, cost, and complexity of spinning up new channels for new markets.

PRIME CG — Greater Control and Ease of Use

Numerous quality-of-life improvements across PRIME CG help designers organize scene elements and quickly navigate to the objects they need, even when working with complex graphics with numerous text fields, objects, and parameters. Updates to the CG Playout interface provide more adaptive control of graphics during live playout. Operators can live-edit text data sources and use hot keys to execute conditions, such as changes of graphics color, font weight, etc., traditionally dictated by designers.

PRIME Edge — Multi-Channel Interactive Graphics Streams

With PRIME 4.6, the multi-channel flexibility of CG playout is now available to PRIME Edge interactive graphics streams. Within a single URL overlay, producers can layer multiple graphics onto a single stream, dynamically animating graphics in and out for viewer interaction. Along with this powerful funcitionality, the browser-based Edge Console features a new playout interface to manage, preview, and go-live with interactive graphics across a virtually unlimited number of streaming channels.