Ask The Omnia Guy: Why does Omnia recommend removing any pre-processing in front of an Omnia.11 or 9? | Telos Alliance

Last time on "Ask The Omnia Guy," we got the break down of AES192 vs. Analog on an MPX node. This month on "Ask the Omnia Guy," we get a bit of clarification on why you shouldn't use an Ariane or a Compellor in front of an Omnia.11 or Omnia.9. Let's just say Omnia is already at the top of the of the audio chain for a reason. Check out what Paul Kriegler has to say about it, after all, he is the "Omnia Guy."


Ask The Omnia Guy: Why does Omnia recommend removing any pre-processing in front of an Omnia.11 or 9?


Q: “We have Omnia.11’s and a couple of Omnia.9’s in our group. I keep hearing it’s not a good idea to have something like a Compellor or an Ariane in front of these newer processors. Why is that?


A:  Your friend is suggesting that you maximize the sound of your existing audio processors, since the AGC’s in the Omnia.9 and Omnia.11 are simply top notch. 


At the input stage of the Omnia.9, just after the physical input, you’ll find “Undo.” 

In the Omnia.11, you will find the Perfect Declipper option. While these two features are different - they both use Perfect Declipper as the main algorithm that handles putting a little more “air” in the sound of today’s hyper-clipped music. 


To maximize the declipping “repair” algorithm (if you have it turned on, or are using it): be sure you’re feeding your Omnia.9 and Omnia.11 the cleanest, most raw untouched audio input.


Mark Manolio in Telos Support confirmed:  “If multiband processing - or anything not phase linear is applied before the Perfect Declipper algorithm - the clipping detection will not work properly.”


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: #1) remove as many A to D conversions in your airchain as possible.and #2) remove anything in your airchain which can alter the input’s characteristics. (Like a Compellor or Ariane, for example - even distribution amps can add non-linearity)


Using an Ariane or Compellor in front of an Omnia.9 or .11 can also lead to the Omnia FIGHTING against whatever is in front of it…generally audible as artifacts like pumping or sucking….in one or more bands. The sophisticated input AGC’s need unprocessed audio to work their very best.


This also applies to Omnia.11, Omnia.9, Omnia 9x2 (for streaming), Omnia 9 Enterprise S,  and Omnia.SST.