arkona launches BLADE//runner 2.2 with JPEG-XS encode/decode capabilities

Frankfurt, Germany – 27 February 2023

arkona launches BLADE//runner version 2.2 which includes the new JXS application. This application extends the capability of the AT300 with 8 x JPEG-XS encode OR decode instances. The JXS app can be configured to run as either all 8 encode or all 8 decode of HD/UHD and can be changed at any time. This JXS app is a great feature expansion of the BLADE//runner ecosystem for customers with a need for low latency high quality compression. In addition to JPEG-XS the new JXS app is also capable of doing ST2110-20/30/40 and 2022-6 uncompressed routing and processing.

BLADE//runner 2.2 is already in operation with installations in several places around the world.