Zero Density Wins Product of the Year Award at NAB 2023

Traxis Camera Tracker was crowned winner of the award, which celebrates the most exciting new technology at the show.


With great pride, we can announce that our new camera tracking solution, Traxis Camera Tracker, has won a Product of the Year award at this year’s NAB Show! The award, which is judged by a panel of industry-leading experts, highlights the most significant, exciting, and inventive new products exhibited at the event.



It’s incredibly gratifying and a huge honor to be recognized for a camera tracking platform that was developed to help the broadcast industry meet the ever-increasing demands of production. Traxis Camera Tracker makes inaccurate camera tracking data a thing of the past by giving broadcasters accurate different camera,lens, and data that can all be managed in one place. It presents powerful new capabilities, including:


  • Consolidating all tracking data sources into a unified platform so that broadcasters no longer have to waste time managing different devices and processes. The hub supports all commonly used tracking protocol, negating the need to manage data from multiple vendors and devices.


  • Blending real and virtual elements more easily than ever before. Even when fast camera movements and close-ups are involved, it’ll be simple to create seamless and photorealistic combinations of real and virtual.


  • Setting up a virtual studio in a way that’s even more straightforward and efficient than before. Managing all tracking data from a single hub makes accurate studio and lens calibration effortless.



 Thank you, NAB for honoring us with another Product of the Year award, and to anyone who came by the Zero Density booth to see Traxis Tracker in action. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what comes next.