Newsbridge MXT-1 AI Indexing Technology Wins NAB Product of the Year and Best of Show Awards at 2023 NAB Show

Leading AI company solving the video searchability problem, Newsbridge, announced today that its revolutionary new generative AI indexing technology MXT-1 received two prestigious awards at the 2023 NAB Show.


MXT-1 won the NAB Show Product of the Year Award and a TV Tech Best of Show Award for its outstanding technology innovation and excellence.



Frederic Petitpont, co-founder and CTO at Newsbridge said:

“Winning the NAB Product of the Year and TV Tech Best of Show Awards validates that MXT-1 sets a new standard for quality, cost, and energy-efficient AI indexing at scale for media and sports content providers.”


He continued:

“We’re proud of the hard work, collaboration, and innovation that our team put toward creating MXT-1, and we look forward to seeing how our new technology transforms the way media, sports, and entertainment organizations log and search through their vast video collections.”



Frederic Petitpont, co-founder and CTO, at Newsbridge’s NAB 2023 booth.

Frederic Petitpont, co-founder and CTO, at Newsbridge’s NAB 2023 booth.


Leveraging natural language models, Newsbridge’s core AI indexing tech generates human-like descriptions of video content. Capable of indexing more than 500 hours of video per minute, MXT-1 is a game changer for organizations working with media and sports content. Leveraging the next-gen technology, users can index vast amounts of content in record time, and search their large video collections as easily and intuitively as they search the web. With its dramatically reduced energy consumption, MXT-1 makes AI indexing seven times more cost-efficient than mono or unimodal AI systems, enabling massive indexing.


The NAB announced the winners of its fifth annual Product of the Year Awards during a live awards ceremony at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The awards recognize some of the most significant and promising new products and technologies exhibited at the show in the Create, Connect, and Capitalize categories.


The TV Tech Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts on the criteria of innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.