Media supply chain solutions deliver creative content, from concept to consumer, on every screen, everywhere.


Ateliere Creative Technologies provides a cloud-native platform that provides, connects, and supercharges the tools that creative people and organizations need to do their best work—wherever media happens.


Ateliere Connect

Move to a cloud-native media supply chain with 75-90% less storage costs, native component-based workflows, and simplified packaging & delivery recipes (with over 100 of the most popular OTT, broadcast and cable destinations pre-built).


Maximize your media profitability with the scalable media supply chain platform, Ateliere Connect. Our unique Deep Analysis functionality can de-duplicate your media archives and help componentize your content, and the fully customizable, tag-based, packaging & delivery workflows streamline your operations to help you monetize your content faster.


Ateliere Discover

Easily deliver and monetize content with our customizable white label OTT solution with built-in CMS, OVP & streaming apps.


No matter the platform or location, Ateliere Discover provides unprecedented control over content distribution. Our media delivery solution helps content owners leverage their libraries to reach wider audiences, increase profits, and lead programming and marketing decisions based on comprehensive analytics.


Compatible with popular smart TV & mobile platforms, including Apple TV, Roku TV, Google TV, Fire TV, Android and iOS.